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TW 7.7 Importing Images

When I import images with anything but a 2:1 aspect ratio, TW 7.7 reads them as cylindrical.  Often I produce panoramas with higher than 2:1 because the pixels are wasted in non-descript features such as floor and ceiling areas.  Older versions would read them properly and display the geometry the same as a 2:1 pano.  TW 7.7 doesn't give me an opportunity to define the type of image I want to import, it just displays a 2:1 pano as a sphere and everything else including stills as cylinders.

The image display is the core feature of this product.  Without this working properly, I can't use this version at all.  

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dear customer,the Tourweaver could automatically recognize your scene now, if you could send us your scene and your requirement to, we will have our developer customer your scene for you:)