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HTML5 Questions

Hi Guys,

Still on the trial version of this software, everything has gone very well up until I'm trying to tell the HTML5 version to load within a specific area of my website. Obviously the flash is pretty simple, but the HTML5 version seems to always load under all other content in my site as seen here

Also wondering if it's possible for a full screen mode, or a percentage based version for mobile devices only. Viewing the HTML5 version on mobile devices seems a little bit clumbsy by default with things like panning around with your finger on touch devices is all in reverse.



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Hi, Mitch, thank you for sending us the link, we have check your site and we found that the virtual is place under your ""©Copyright Star Hotel Echuca 2013. Website Echuca powered by Limelight | Sitemap | Privacy Policy

is this the issue you were refering to? There could be some err when you place the code and apply to your site since the place of the tour is at the bottom now, will you check the html code again? Please check our guidence page at

As for HTML5 tour to view on mobile devices, you could choose the option "Scale to browser window " when you create blank project, the HTML5 tour is with default toolbar and you could choose to pan in reverse or the other way around. The HTML 5 tour will load the scene piece by piece as you drag and see your tour.

Anyhow, if you still could not get it work, please send us more detail to and provide us the link to download your project, we could check it for you.