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Sooo many copies of the Still Photos

Why does Tourweaver 7.7Pro make multiple copies of all the Still Photos in a tour?

It makes the Virtual Tours huge when uploading them and triples the space they take up on a server

Thereare 4 copies of each Still Photo, one in flash/scene, one in html5/scene/xx/iphone, one in html5/scene/xx/ipad and one in html5/scene/xx/PC

They are all the full 400kb size and 2000x1333 dimensions that they are originally.

That means that 35 images take up 56MB instead of just 14MB, wasting 42MB server space

Why isn't their just one "scene" folder for still pictures for all versions since all the pictures are the same size?

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM