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Product (Re)Activation

Today I launched Tourweaver and it asked me to activate the product. I entered the serial number and the activation failed. I have been using Tourweaver for a couple years, and it has been activated since I purchased it. I can't publish any tours while the product thinks it is not activated. Anyone else experience this or know why this might happen?

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Hey Rob have you updated it? If not, just for the heck of it if U R using windows, try a 'switch user' and try running it from an alternate account? Im sure someone from Easypano will know more but this might be worth a try?


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Thanks very much, Steve.

Dear Rob, are you trying to activate the program on a new machine or did you activate the licens key on another machine before? If your program still can't be activated, please send your license key to with the mail account used to purchase the program and tell more details, then our technical support would help to proceed.

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