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Does Google MapViewer work in a flash Virtual Tour?

Im publishing a virtual tour in flash and Html5 formats.  I know Html5 supports Google street view (which flash does not) and everything works perfectly as it should in Html5.  


However, the normal (no street view) Google maps will not load in a published flash version of the same tour.


When I launch the "Preview" Mode everything comes up correctly and works but when I publish it the screen just stays blue where the Google MapViewer is placed on the skin.


Any suggestions to fixing this issue?

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I'm having the same problem

The Mapviewer displays the Google Map perfectly in Preview from within Tourweaver 7.80 and from the EXE file, both on my computer and from a CD

But the Mapviewer won't display the Google Map in the Published Tour on my computer on from my server when Firefox 29 calls the Flash version of the tour

Is there a problem with the Mapviewer or have I set up the API wrong

Here's a link to the tour

I made an HTML5 version, and opened it with Firefox 29 and the Mapviewer works fine except it opens the Map not the Satellite view as was set when I made the tour.

So only the in the Flash version of the does the Mapviewer not work

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM
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I got a response from reporting this pproblem to Technical Support:

To have the Google Map work on your own site, you will need to have the Google Map API key for your own site.
As we notice that Google stop the key providing a while ago for sites, you could try to use the Bing Map instead

Since they are advertising that the Mapviewer works with Google Maps, I think it should or they should stop advertising that it does

I sent them a follow up to the superficial answer;

Your response that Google has stopped giving out Map API Keys is wrong becaue I got one and the Mapviewer works in the "HTML5 Only" version of the tour

Here's a link

Again, Mapviewer in the EXE version of the tour works fine
Here's a link to the EXE file to download and try out

So why doesn't the Mapviewer work in the Flash version of the Tour, but DOES work in the HTML5 and EXE versions

Can some other Tourweaver users test the HTML5 link and see if the Mapviewer works or not?


Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM