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ComboBox issue

I am experimenting some issues with the ComboBoxes included on my tour.
My tour has 4 comboBoxes associated to 30s different scenes each.
When I run the tour, every comboBox will show its first scene associated instead of presenting the comboBox blank if the scene running is not associated to it.
For example:
-comboBox 1 is associated to scenes 1-5
-comboBox 2 is associated to scenes 6-10
-comboBox 3 is associated to scenes 11-15, and
-comboBox 4 is associated to scenes 16-20...
When I run the tour while on scene 1, comboBox 1 will be on scene 1 -as expected, but comboBox 2 will present scene 6, comboBox 3 will be on scene 11 and comboBox 4 will be on scene 16, instead of having comboBox 2 through 4 completely blank (ie. presenting no scene) as it would happen if working with Tourweaver 6.50

I am running TW 7.90.140819 on Windows XP Version 5.1

I would really appreciate any help regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.