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HTML5 video display on iPhone / iPad only display after rotating device

I am testing from files from a client so I'm not sure exactly what version of Tourweaver they used to export the files.

Everything works fine for FLASH or HTML5 on the desktop.  On the iPhone (I don't have an iPad) the video doesn't display until after I rotate the device.  Doesn't matter if I go from portrait to landscape or from landscape to portrait.

I may be an issue with tabs, but I don't think so.  The videos are being display in an iFrame.  It just seems like it doesn't load until I rotate the phone.  Any suggestions ?

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It is one of the main drawbacks of any iOS-based device such as iPhone or iPad so that display may be changed by making a rotation. This kind of situation is really very problematic for the users. They get any fruitful pieces of advice from Apple customer support number which will guide to resolve these issues.

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9 days ago

Hey Stephen123,
There was a problem before 2 years ago but now these issues have been resolved, now there is no problem and no need to rotate a device to play a video just simply implement the code snippet in a page with the video link and check in the browser you will get fine and perfect video without any problem. I am working at an animation video company so I have done all these problems while building this site.
Hope you find it helpful