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Why you should not built a blogging website on free platforms?

Agree, you can create a blog without costing a penny. Yet, it’ll be very confined in terms of functionality, it’ll look dull and draggy, and the address will seem to a bit infantile, like that causes a decline in your credibility.

There are some drawbacks that you need to consider when using free options to creating websites. Some of them are:

Less Control:

When your blog is hosted on another platform or website, such as,,, etc.). If you breach their terms of service (even by chance), they can close down your blog whenever they want. (Happened to many businesses).

Less Customization:

You can’t make use of all the free themes or plugins. Even you cannot use the custom theme to make your blogging website be noticeable.

Many Limitations:

On free web building portals, you get only 3GB of free space. And when your website needs to have a plethora of posts, images, and perhaps videos, it is never sufficient.

To cut the long story short, in my views, you should not create a free blog, particularly when you are way too serious about starting an official blog. Later switching to an upgraded version of a free blogging platform is usually extremely time to consume and tricky.

Rather, try to create a self-hosted WordPress blog that does not limit the possibilities and options. Besides, you will also get escape from a clumsy looking domain name. The best you can do is to consult a Software Development Company UAE that offers affordable services.

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I cannot agree with you. Free blogs are very important for people who want to develop their writing or express themselves. I'm currently working as a writer for and writing a small blog about the assignments my clients order. I find it very amusing for myself and also I have some readers and we communicate a lot.