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How to Write College Essay - 10 Tips for Creating a Powerful Ending

1. The introduction and conclusion to an essay form the framework around which the college essay is encased. Just as the introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention, your conclusion should also grab the reader’s attention and leave them with a feeling of satisfaction.

2. A conclusion should be more than just a summary of the main body of text. This is your last chance to make a bold, impacting and powerful statement, so make the most of it.

3. The conclusion to an essay is the place to summarize the main points and different viewpoints raised within the body of the college essay essay. Question some of the information you have obtained, and add your own thoughts and ideas on the topic. Bring the points together; show how they are all interrelated and how they affect each other. A successful essay conclusion is one that leaves the reader pondering on the issues raised.

4. A successful essay conclusion will also leave your reader persuaded that your main idea is well thought out and worthy of their support.

5. A good essay conclusion will contain a thought-provoking statement that draws attention to the wider implications of your main argument.

6. In the case of a humorous essay it’s a good idea to end with an anecdote or funny quotation. In other words, leave the reader laughing. This makes the essay memorable.

7. When writing an essay on a novel, the conclusion should contain your theories on what the novelist was trying to achieve and how he or she went about it. By drawing attention to the main points raised in the body of the college essay essay, you can give support to your theories.  You can also end with a statement to make the reader see the novel in a different light.

8. When considering how to write conclusions to an essay, avoid using the words “in conclusion”, “finally”, etc. Be imaginative and end on a high note.

9. Use the checklist below to review the quality of your conclusions.  Well written conclusions to an essay will leave the reader:

More interested in the subject

Better informed about the subject

In no doubt about your main idea or point of view

With a brief summary of your main points or arguments

Why these points are more valid or worthy of attention than others

Why you have reached your conclusions

The wider implications of your conclusions

10. Look at other essays in libraries or online to learn more about how to write conclusions to your essays. There are thousands of well written essays out there that you can use to guide and inspire your essay writing. It is also worthwhile using a high quality piece of essay writing software to assist you in structuring your ideas, and to help you review your grammar and spelling.

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These tips helped me in more ways than one. Thanks so much! Indeed, coming up with a good essay is a challenge for students. Not only do you need to follow some guidelines, you have to be good at expressing your ideas too, and I find this particularly difficult since writing isn’t one of my specialties.  

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