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QuickTime Controller Question

Dear All,

I just finished my first Virtual Tour using CubicConnector.
It's a collection of 5 qtvr rooms in a hotel. I'm using CC's interactive map to jump from one room to another.

Here's my question :
I embedded the first qtvr in Dreamweaver (inserting ActiveX) and set the mov's parameter to false (I don't want the QT controller to be visible)
So far so good. However, when I preview my page in a webbrowser and click on the map to jump to the next qtvr room, the new movie shows up WITH a quicktime controller visible ! Ouch...

Question : How do I prevent the linked movies to show up with this controller ? The first mov seems to listen to it's parameter. The others won't...

Any suggestions ?
Thanks, Bert.
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Hi Bert:

It's a little difficult to say, without seeing your page/code... BUT:

Are the QTVR loading into the same window (that is, with a "target" of "myself")? If so, you may just need to put the controller='false' parameter into your link from the map.

I've had a couple clients who use CubicConnector (great program!), where I've had to come in after the fact to "clean up" the code that CC produces.


spinControl:VR, an alternative QTVR controller