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object movie-viewer moves around object

I have an application that i need to do and am trying to find a program to do it with, do you have a solution to my query below, ModelWeaver 3.00 only seems to have the product turning not the viewer moving around the subject standing still ?

For my clients website he wants the viewer to be able to walk around a person / mannequin dressed in his clothes as if you walk into a room / location and the person is standing still and you are walking around the person getting a 360 degree view as opposed to you the viewer standing still and the mannequin turning. The person would be in a room / outdoor environment, not a white back ground.

I was intending to shoot the mannequin / person on a turntable against a green screen either on video or stills and then shoot a 360 panoramic interior or exterior background with my Panoscan or SpheronCam cameras and then combine the 2 elements, any help appreciated.

Thank you

Des Kleineibst
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There was an example which has been done quite a few years ago by vrtoolbox. I mention the name of the company since I consider their are not real competitor of easypano since they are only quicktime vr orientated (and were among the early companies offering such a service with the beginning of quicktime vr) and as as as I am concern flash based vr are the most common products.

Anyway they produced a vr tour of a hockey player (just like any object) with a 360 surounding. You could turn around the player and the surrounding (360) was turning as well. It gave this "matrix" style effect. I was quicktime base only. Another company which was virtual reality studio or something similar was allowing you to produce vr in which you could place 3d objects (a boucing ball for example) but I think they no longer exist.

Your best bet would be a tailor made flash application with a 360 surounding combined with a 360 flash vr object.

Note : before the TW4.0 was released, there was the project of offering the possibility to include flash objectf wihtin a TW tour but for some technical reason I guess, it was not made available.