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Subject Topic: Panowalker 1.00 beta version available Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by easypanosupport on January-31-2008 at 1:24am
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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
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Dear all,

Easypano has released the beta version of Panowalker 1.00 today!

Panowalker is a brand new virtual tour solution from Easypano, which is quite different from Tourweaver. Panowalker can create realistic walkthrough virtual tours from spherical or cylindrical panoramic images. You can really "walk" in the virtual tours by Panowalker and stop at any point to look around 360 degree, while in virtual tours by Tourweaver, you can only look around 360 degree at one point and click hotspots or thumbnails to go to other scenes.

View beautiful examples in Gallery.

More information about Panowalker.
Try out the Beta version.  

You are welcome to try out the beta version and send us your feedback to Help Desk. Thanks for your support to Easypano.

Message posted by VRtour.nl on February-01-2008 at 5:42am
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Gold Member
Gold Member
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Sorry, but Im not impressed, I do not like it at all.


Please use your time and skills to improve Tourweaver to a higher level.





Message posted by simon on February-01-2008 at 7:27am
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Gold Member
Gold Member

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Full marks to Easypano for looking for a new innovation but reluctantly agree with Harry. I cannot think of any application for this that cannot be achieved more effectively and more efficiently by other existing methods.


Message posted by tbrusson on February-01-2008 at 12:55pm
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Gold Member
Gold Member
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This is promising and the panowalk can not be achieved with tourweaver or regular VTour soft (the number of panos involved would freeze a regular applet /java or flash)

It's a total different way of discovering virtual tour. One has to understand you walk from one point to another and not jump, which makes it more natural.

Granted, It would rather be used for specific needs but it make a virtual visit easier to get for the average user. It could make the use of vr tour more popular (wheter it be achieved on tourweaver or panowalker)

Google uses the same kind of soft for google streets. Other competitors sell the service but not the software. It's the first time such a technology can be used by any company interested and involved in vr tour.


Message posted by mcaine on February-05-2008 at 2:58am
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Standard Member
Standard Member
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Nice idea, yet at this point very rudimentary.
In the samples shown, the only movement is along a single line. In order to be of any real use, the viewer must be able to branch along different routes. i.e. turn right or left into another street, etc.
Furthermore, one MUST be able to embed hotspots into the panoramas as in Tourweaver. Pop up texts, labels and images are essential. Otherwise, what's the point of touring the virtual scene. Links to sound, video and even to VR objects (such as a statue in a museum) would be very nice and add practical value to what is at present a very good idea with little practical value.


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