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Subject Topic: Sound dragging Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by seanboy533 on April-12-2007 at 12:49pm
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Standard Member
United States
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Has anyone else had this problem.  Music plays fine and then sometimes it drags and the vt doesn't rotate smoothly.  Just wondering what I can do to fix it when it occurs?

Thanks in advance

Message posted by thedhgroup on April-14-2007 at 8:43pm
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See if you can role back to version 2.00.070301.  The one currently for download has that problem you mentioned.  If you need the binary for 2.00.070301, I still have it but I'm not sure EP would like me putting it on my server for download. Ask EP first for it first and if no answer, I could probably get it to you somehow.  Just remember, this version may have other issues.  None of which bother me.

I think we are all holding our breath for the next release.  There are still many issues we are having out here.  I produce over 13 tours a week with his sofware and I have found work arounds for most of the issues but we really need this stuff fixed EP.


Message posted by chapt0r on April-16-2007 at 12:11pm
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Hey Guys,

I was just about to post a bug on when users drag the vtour around, IE makes the click noises, every move/pan, and the vtour shutters. Is this a similar to above, and I should roll-back as well?

Appreciate it.


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