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Subject Topic: #0101003 Error Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by rs360vt on October-23-2007 at 2:15pm
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Standard Member
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Hi Forum

In the latest version of Tourweaver 3, (Build 9/27) if you have to change a tour, once it is published, say to modify some images, the programme locks up when trying to preview the new modified tour. If you then force close Tourweaver 3 by CTRL+ALT+DEL, then try to re-open the tour, the following message appears:

#0101003 Error: Failed to Open Project. Project file error.

Also when changing the images, any associated text, describing the scenes also gets lost. The only way around this appears to be a complete re-build, which is annoying, time consuming and very inefficient.

Any suggestions as to how to overcome the problem, apart from the obvious "get it right first time".



R Scutt

Message posted by smooth on October-23-2007 at 3:28pm
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Really the only way to successfully "edit" a already published tour is to save it to another folder. Say if your tour is named pano_1 you should call the revised tour pano_1v2 etc.

Overwriting all tours just causes issue and pain.

Regards, Smooth

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