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Subject Topic: Tourweaver 4.00 official version Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by easypano on August-28-2008 at 6:33am
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Forum Admin
Forum Administrator
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Dear all,

Easypano has released official version of Tourweaver 4.00, and the latest builder is 4.00.080828. Please download the latest version at: http://www.easypano.com/download-virtual-tour-software.html. Order: http://www.easypano.com/store-tourweaver.html. For upgrades, please login user panel to check available upgrades.


The Virual Tour Way

Message posted by jamesot on September-01-2008 at 2:24pm
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Standard Member
Standard Member
United States
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Here is a tour I put together showing the diffrences between TW3.0 and diffrent publish settings of TW4.0.

Remember this is exactly the same tour just published using diffrent settings!


TW4.0 with slice not checked

TW4.0 with slice checked

For me I still favor the TW3.0.  I think TW4.0 has some great upgrades once it works correctly and does not have issuses from time to time. Also on my system the slice mode loads noticable slower then then non-slice and/or TW3.0.  I thought the idea was to make it faster to download?
*This slowness is very noticable in full screen mode.

I have purchased the upgrade to TW4.0 but will not be using it untill glitches are fixed:
*hot spots stop working from time to time
*says scene is fully loaded but still only shows preview image

Message posted by carol on September-02-2008 at 6:23am
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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
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Hello James,


*This slowness is very noticable in full screen mode.

RE: Yes, if you check Slice display, it is slower than non-slice. The reason is when you check slice display, any part currently showing in scene viewer is given priority to be loaded and displayed. In this way, visitors can earlier see the complete loading of visible part in the viewer although other part may be still grey/blur. This process is more complicated and needs more time, so its slower. While if you dont check slice display, the scene will load in a fixed sequence, what you see in the viewer may be the last to be loaded during the whole loading but the total time is less.

We are trying to improve the loading speed and make it not so noticeable as possible as we can.


*hot spots stop working from time to time

RE:Could you send us the project and tell more details?  We will check the issue.


*says scene is fully loaded but still only shows preview image

RE:As long as you check the option of different Pano size for normal and full screen, preview image exists. The first time when you switch to full screen mode which uses higher resolution images that need loading from scratch, if there is no preview image, you will see a completely blank area, I guess this is not users want to see.

I understand that you want same loading effect of TW3, and I hope all the TW users may kindly tell us more what kind of effect you like most, we can try to think of other solutions.


Best regards,

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