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Subject Topic: Autorun CD issue Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by rs360vt on September-15-2009 at 6:18am
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Hi Guys,

I have a client who wishes to view his tours on an autorun CD. Easy, no problem. I have Autorun MAX, and this works fine... except

Is there any way to incorporate Flash player onto the CD, so that even if the viewers pc doesnt have Flash Player installed, the tour will still run.

This has become an issue, as with the CD's we have produced, many have not been used because the viewers PC doesnt have Flash, and corporate rule prohibit downloading of software onto the PC. So a fully self contained CD is the only answer.... unless someone else has other ideas?

Thanks in advance.


R Scutt

Message posted by smooth on September-15-2009 at 8:24am
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Because of network security you will often come across this issue. Now Adobe has made it even worse with more dreaded security built into Flash itself.

One answer is to convert an .swf file to a "Projector" file and what this is, is a Flash .swf movie with the Flash player prepackaged (combined). This works great with self contained .swf movies but has limitations with files such as the type with external .xml and extra components. I should also say this projector file is an .exe file (meaning it turns your .swf file into an .exe) and that in itself can be an issue on some network computers.

That said, I have not tested Tourweaver files with this method and I doubt it would work simply.

I would suggest it could be made work though with some programming input. I have seen examples using FPP and this has a similar file system.

I prefer the single self contained .swf method myself without erroneous files all over the place, much like Pano2VR.

Talk was some time back by Genseng that this was possibly an upcoming feature for Tourweaver 5 (?)

Regards, Smooth

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