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Subject Topic: full page image in loading window Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by rosco on October-16-2012 at 12:01pm
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Standard Member
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I've inserted an image in the loading window, but it does not resize when I want the tour to open in a full page browser view.

So, is it possible making the pic scalable to the browser window (full page)?

Many thanks,


Message posted by celavey on October-17-2012 at 10:21pm
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United States
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Or you have to option to zoom the image to its full size by clicking on it directly after the image window pops up.

Message posted by Brazil_Business on October-19-2012 at 7:40pm
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Rosco. You cannot start a Virtual tour at full screen. The user must agree for you to make the tour full screen. What i mean is basically make the tour in a way that the user has NO CHOICE but to make it full screen. Check out the link below to see what i mean.


Hope That Helps

Message posted by phoenixrising on November-30-2012 at 9:56am
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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
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I'm not aware of a way of zooming into an image. however, I tend to not add images in to large a size as many differnt users have differnt screen sizes and resolutions. Having massive images could force some visitors to abandone the tour as they just won't be able to see the image anyway due to screen size issues.

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Message posted by selfmade648562 on December-01-2012 at 5:14pm
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@ rosco

Unfortunately TW does not have an option for "auto" scaling dependent upon the size of the screen. I asked for the implementation of such a feature numerous times but as of yet, nadda.

@ celavey

You can do something similar to this but it wouldn't really have any "zoom" effect. What you could do is have your target image, when once clicked on it opens a popup window with the full sized image. You have to be careful with this though because the images are not scaleable so if someone is viewing on a smaller screen the image might be too large and take up the entire window.

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