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Subject Topic: TW7 main window 100% - quick deadline Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by smooth on January-15-2012 at 12:46am
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Forum Moderator
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Hi Charlie,

I think the answer for you is to build your "non tour" Flash page with another Flash building program that Tourweaver "likes" as an import .swf to use on your info layer.

Take a look at all the range from www.increditools.com Flash Demo Builder in particular. Also all there slideshow software is compatible with Tourweaver. Prices are fair for this software and the company has been around for a long time. Play with a trial version! Here is a sample using their slideshow (first slide button) comparing Tourweaver slideshow (2nd slide button).

I took a look at your tour at your request. Clicking the "info" button opens a new page (or tab). It will depend on how the viewer has set up their browser preferences and what browser they are actually using to view the tour. It works, yes. But there are limiting factors. When I clicked the website URL within this, it opened in the "same" page, not a new one. Whether that is just a coding issue or not, you would have to check. It should be _blank for a new window/tab as apposed to _self.

As for sizing, you really do need to cater for the lowest standard. I still think 1024x768 is pretty common. You say not and perhaps this is now true. But what happens "if" somebody does view your tour with a lesser screen resolution and clicks a button that launches a page or layer larger than the screen resolution and you can't find the close option because it is off screen? This is another reason I like to have a click anywhere on to dismiss option.

Regards, Smooth [8D] 

Message posted by Charlie on January-15-2012 at 8:29am
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Standard Member
Standard Member
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Hi Smooth - thanks as always [:)] - I agree with the what "if" somebody has a lesser screen resolution - I'm in the process of trying to design the exact same look in the 1024x768 - it's a bit difficult for me as I want a very specific look to it  and I'm not very happy with the way the still shots look - in particular the portrait ones - perhaps a little OCD [:D] - anyways, I'll figure it out somehow.

And as for your suggestion with the Flash Demo builder - I will definitely keep that in mind, but for now quite honestly - I've invested SO much money in getting this business started, that I am completely tapped out for the moment!!  So, while there maybe limiting issues with the contact info button - I'm going to have to make it work for now.

And yes, I did make a mistake with the set up of the page - I'll have to change that to _blank (sorry should have mentioned that) - I believe the other website link opened as I had intended.  But I think I'm going to implement your "click anywhere to dismiss" - although I love my little triangle exit button - I like this option, to ensure they can exit the page when needed!!

As always Smooth - you are a tremendous help!!!  Thank you SO much!!!!!

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