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Panoweaver 9.00 is powerful and easy to use panorama stitching software. You can not only stitch various types of panorama image but also publish immersive Flash VR and HTML5 panoramic tour. Compared with previous version, Panoweaver 9.00 is even stable and capable of stitching Gigapixel panorama, which also accelerated image stitching process with GPU and supports saving project parameters as users requested.
Major New Features of Panoweaver 9
  • Giga Pixel Panorama
  • The interface and components layout of the latest panorama software Panoweaver 9 was optimized, which features output of Gigapixel high resolution panoramic images.
  • Save Project Parameters
    Panoweaver 9 support saving user configuration parameters, users' settings, including Mask, Hotspot, Ceiling/Floor and panorama images can be saved.

  • Output Little Planet Panorama
    Little Planet view panorama can be directly output. You can set the image and reset the size and save. The preview size on Panorama Type panel would help you to preview and check the stitched result from image editing window.
  • GPU Stitching Acceleration
    Panorama stitching process will be accelerated by using computers with ATI and NVIDIA GPU(Graphics Processing Unit), no need to take too long time to get the stitch result.
  • Import Image Folder for Batch Stitch
    In batch photo stitching, import image folder for stitching is an useful feature for a quantity of image stitching. Function for stitching bracket exposure images is also optimized to facilitate these type images stitching.
  • Stable Stitching and Better Result
    Our developers improved the stitching algorism and image optimization, therefore, offer you this stable stitching program with better panorama output result.