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Modelweaver 3.00 Photography

This page covers some basic knowledge about capturing images from DV. For more information, please refer to Modelweaver 3.00 user manual. (Right click to save, Acrobat Reader necessary)

Necessary equipments

  • Digital video camera (abbreviation as DV)
    You need a digital video camera to capture the images into Modelweaver 2.00.
  • Turntable
    In the final object movie, the object will rotate a full 360 degrees. To achieve this effect, you should use a motorized turntable - Kaidan Motorized PiXi?M Turntable. This turntable is a continuous motion turntable with an in-line on/off switch. When the power is on, the object will rotate at a given speed on the turntable. During the rotation, the camera will acquire the images of the object from the complete rotation of the turntable. To learn more about the Kaidan Motorized PiXi?M Turntable, please refer to the turntable user manual or visit

Basic Steps:

To create and output a 3D Object Movie, 6 main steps are needed:

Step 1: Preparing the hardware (the object, computer, background, lighting, digital video camera, or other capturing devices, such as a still digital camera and Turntable) and installing Modelweaver 3.00

Step 2: Launching Modelweaver 3.00 and Importing the video or images

Step 3: Editing the images

Step 4: Previewing the 3D Object Movie

Step 5: Creating the 3D Object Movie and saving it as a Modelweaver Applet or QTVR (QuickTime VR) file

Step 6: Exporting the Object Movie file to a website or CD and viewing the result

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