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How to view my panorama? Can I view panorama and turn around on PC, iPad or iPhone( HTML5 and Flash virtual tours)?


Yes, you can view and play panoramas on PC, smart phones and tablets. Because Flash formate tour are supported on PC which installed with flash player, while Html5 format tour plays automatically when you view tours on iOS and Android 4.X devices or PC without Flash player.(Safari, IE10 and Chrome browsers also support playing HTML5 format tours). The differences between HTML5 and Flash virtual tours, please refer to HTML5 and Flash virtual tour comparison chart.

Click on each image or 2d image to view panoramas in 2D mode and click panoramic view to view 360 degree panorama in 3D mode. You can view your uploaded panoramas and virtual tours in your Easypano account, or browse the thumbnails of your stored images under each panorama player window.

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