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Panorama Software
Panoweaver 9 is easiest and coding free photo stitching software and Flash and HTML5 panorama publisher for PC and Smart phones. Compared with previous version, Panoweaver 9 is even stable and capable of stitching Gigapixel panorama, which also accelerated image stitching process with GPU and supports saving project parameters as users requested.
Panoweaver 9.00 Standard for Windows
$99.95 / €99.95
Panoweaver 9.00 Professional for Windows
$399.95 / €399.95$299.95 / €299.95
Panorama Software
Panoweaver is a professional 360°panoramic photo stitching software, which can publish panoramas into Flash/HTML5/SWF/QTVR tours. The latest Panoweaver 8.60 Pro integrated Panoweaver Batch and Pro together, which enable you to batch stitch 300 groups of fisheye and normal photos into high quality 360 panoramas or HDR panoramas with a favorable price.
Tips: Free upgrade is provided for new buyers since June,24,2014.
Panoweaver 8.60 Standard for Macintosh
$99.95 / €99.95
Panoweaver 8.60 Professional for Macintosh
$399.95 / €399.95$299.95 / €299.95
License Benefits
  • License key will be sent to you by e-mail automatically.
  • Free technical support service.
  • Free Virtual Tour Elements Download and Free panoramas and virtual tours sharing services on EP-sky.
  • Free minor version update (e.g. PW8.0 Win license key is available for PW8.5 Win activation)
  • You may switch your license key between Mac and Windows version.

More information about license key please refer to software License Policy
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Edition Comparison
Features Panoweaver Standard Panoweaver Professional
Wide angel/ Normal images stitch
Fisheye images stitch
(Full circular, Drum, Full frame)
Publish formats: Flash VR, *.SWF, Quick Time VR,
HTML5(for iPhone&iPad)
Image save formats: JEPG, PNG, TIF, BMP
Camera RAW file stitch
Add hotspot to panorama
Customizable branding(URL in right-click context menu)
Batch stitch, Batch publish,
Batch Spherical/Cubic  conversion

300 groups

Create HDR image to solve overexposure/ underexposure
Complete edition comparison
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