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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver Mac Starter Introduction

Tourweaver Mac Starter is virtual tour software that runs on Macintosh system. Tourweaver has always been powerful in creating virtual tours, well known for its user-friendly GUI and fully customization of virtual tours. Tourweaver Mac Starter is the first version of Tourweaver that supports Mac OS.

The interface of Tourweaver Mac Starter is similar with that of Tourweaver 5.00 for Windows, but features are not totally the same with 5.0 version. If you've tried Tourweaver 5.00 before and familiar with its features, check this comparison table first to see the main differences.

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Main features of virtual tour software Tourweaver Mac Starter include:

Scenes and Maps
Full 360 degree panoramas and still images are supported for scene. Multiple maps can be added.

Control and selection tool
Apply Button & Flash Thumbnail (New) to virtual tour and add actions to buttons to achieve various effects.

Description components
Use Image and TextArea to show information about the tour and its contents.

Media components
Show rich content using Flash and Video.

Hotspot and Radar
Add hotspot on scenes and maps to achieve various actions. Radars can indicate the location of the scene on map. 

Customized skin template
You can create your own virtual tour template and save it for later use.

Loading Window customization
Apply swf progress bar and preloading image to virtual tour.

Popup Window
Display virtual tour components in a popup window.

Virtual tour formats
Flash VR (based on html), standalone swf virtual tours (New) can be created.

Click to view a Flash virtual tour created with Tourweaver Mac Starter:

System Requirements for Tourweaver Mac Starter

Tourweaver Mac Starter runs on Mac OSX 10.5 and later and installer is only for Intel. See more details.

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