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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 6 Flash Thumbnail Tutorial

Flash thumbnail is supported in Tourweaver 6.00 Professional edition.

You can make your own Flash (*.swf) file to use in Tourweaver as a thumbnail container to display scenes as thumbnail components in it.

From Tourweaver 6.00.100908 version, you can find following three files in resource folder of installation directory (...\Easypano\Tourweaver 6 Professional Edition\resource):

  • Tourweaver_ThumbnailGallery.fla

The first two decides how the Flash component interact with the tour. The third *.fla can be edited in Adobe Flash to get customized appearance for the Flash thumbnail component (*.swf). Please keep the three files in the same folder and don't change the names of the first two files.

View this tutorial for details: Flash-Thumbnail-tutorial.pdf

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