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New features are often supported in HTML5 virtual tour so that users of our virtual tour software can have a better visual experience when viewing virtual tour on iPad or iPhone. Features supported in the latest virtual tour software would be listed below.
Updated features in HTML5 virtual tour
Icons in Tourweaver Features Tourweaver7 professional Tourweaver7.5 professional
  Gyro Effect 1
Chrome browser 1
Audio file 1
Combobox:Drop-down menu of scenes 1
Listbox:Drop-down menu of scenes 1
Compass 1
Scene transition effect 1
Support for spherical, cylindrical,cubic panorama and stil image 1 1
/ Map:support for google map、bing map and floor map. Support only "actual size" in drop-down list of size mode in html5 virtual tour. 1 1
Thumbnail:Support translucent style only in html5 virtual tour. 1 1
Popup window:Support for other components. 1 1
Hotspot 1 1
Radar 1 1
Button: Only common button and toggle button are supported in html5 virtual tour. 1 1
Image:Support for jpg,bmp,png and gif. 1 1
/ Text and TextArea 1 1
Actions: Following actions are not supported in html5 virtual tour: Play / Pause movie, Stop movie, Print page, Enter/Exit full screen, Zoom in, Zoom out, Close Window(in ipad virtual tour) 1 1
Scale to browser window and specified size:Scale to browser window is recommended for both flash virtual tour and html5 virtual tour. 1 1
Sample tour and Download
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