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360 degree panorama picture software is used for stitching 360 photographs or utilizing 360 photographs. A 360 photographs means the image covers 360 degree field of view of the panoramic spot. To acquire a 360 picture one needs special equipments and software.

To acquire a 360 photo , you need:

Hardware: Digital camera with Fisheye lens or standard digital camera, Pano Head and Tripod (check 360 hardware list).
Software: 360 photo stitching software Panoweaver (check 360 panorama photography tips)

Shoot fisheye picture in these types: drum, full frame and full circular. Among them drum type is recommended. Best working equipments are Sigma 8mm F4 fisheye lens plus Nikon DSLR camera. 4 drum fisheye pictures plus one top and one bottom picture are needed. How to get panorama with fisheye images?

Panoweaver offers manually stitching and automatically stitching, also advanced feature, right click stitching. Select all the images, and right click on them to choose "Stitch with Panoweaver". Then the images can be stitched into panorama pictures and 360 image viewers including Flash, QTVR and Java virtual tour player.

When shoot normal digital pictures with standard camera, first calculate how many pictures are needed to acquire a panoramic picture. Then shoot enough pictures and stitch with Panoweaver to get cylindrical panorama or spherical panorama. Partial panorama can also be stitched. How to get a panoramic image with normal digital images?

How to utilize my 360 photo?

After you get 360 photos, panorama publishing software and virtual tours software can be used to get virtual reality tours.

  • panorama publishing software:
    Panoweaver: 360 photo software to publish 360 images to full screen Flash VR, QuickTime VR, and Java VR.
    EPublisher: panoramic picture publishing software to Batch Publish 360 spherical/cylindrical images to full screen Flash VR and HTML5 tour for iPad and iPhone.
    Note: The virtual reality results from the above two are single panorama tours.
  • panoramic virtual tour software:
    Tourweaver: creating interactive virtual tours with panoramic photos. Tourweaver not only links the panoramic photos to a movie path, but also integrates abundant features like hotspots, maps, floorplans, radars, popup videos, images and external links to make the 360 virtual tour more attractive. This software is widely used to show 360 photos of houses, places of interest, and various other places.


Panoweaver 8

Professional 360 panoramic photo stitching software as well as Flash panorama publisher from any type of photo.

The most powerful virtual tour creating software for integrating your panoramas with Google map,video, hotspot, ect.


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