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360 Virtual Tour

What is 360 virtual tour?

A 360 virtual reality tour is created with 360 degree panoramas, which shows 360 degree field of view of the virtual place. It consists of 360 degree panoramas, tour templates, and various tour components like hotspots, radars and Google/bing maps.

360 virtual tour creating software

VR tour creating software - Tourweaver is widely used to build Flash 360 panoramic tours. It is most popular among real estate agents, panoramic photographers, website designing companies, multimedia designers and corporations. Click following image to see a real estate virtual tour with Google Maps, multiple 360 degree panoramas, popup windows, Flash components, floor-plans/maps, and hotspots.

Click the image below to view this sample tour of a traditional art museum.

Virtual tour software demo tour

More sample 360 tours created with Tourweaver.

How to make a 360 virtual tour like the above?

To make a 360 degree panoramic tour, first take 360 panoramas. Either take standard digital photos or fisheye photos to stitch into 360 panoramas with Panoweaver. One-shot lens can also be used to take 360 photo, check panoramic photography.

Tourweaver offers various templates, so just add the 360 panoramas in your tour project and a VR tour is created automatically. If you want to use your own design, just choose a blank template and use your own background image, buttons and etc. on the mainwindow.

Besides 360 panoramas, you can also use still images, floorplans, hotspots and radars in the VR tour. For all the tour components, you may change the values in properties and for some of them, like buttons, you can add actions like external links and switch to next scene. View detailed video tutorial on how to use Tourweaver to make high quality Flash VR tours

How to upload 360 virtual tour?

Simply upload all the published tour files to your web server and find the *.html file to open the tour. Or use embed codes in the index.html file to embed the tour in your webpage. You may also uploade your tour to EP-Sky and embed the tour to your blog or website.


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