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City8 Mobile Mapping Solution

City8 Mobile Mapping Solution bring you omni-directional information via its geo- based 360° panoramic images. It is widely used in the field of local search, navigation, urban & industry planning, homeland security, disaster planning & response, roadway management, city street view mapping, etc.


Safety & Security Solution

A real-time data is very important source for each public safety worker. City8’s solution integrates real-time measurable panoramic images in their preparation, planning and briefing, emergency events and lots more. Examples: Fire Prevention Solution, Visual Water Solution.  

    Fire Prevention Solution             Visual Water Solution


Mapping & Surveying Solution

With City8’s unique street-level panoramic content, you can build, update, and extend your mapping and GIS database with many businesses such as Online Navigation Solution, Boundary Mapping Solution, Roadway Planning Solution, Asset Inventory Solution.

Navigation-Solution                             Asset-inventory-solution
 Online Navigation Solution          Asset Inventory Solution

Bounday-Mapping-Solution                             street-planning-solution
 Boundary Mapping Solution      Street Planning Solution


Virtual Tour Solution

Using City8 technology to make online virtual tour for everywhere. Now you could experience it without going there. Examples: Virtual Tour Platform, Virual Real Estate Platform.

     Virtual Tour Platform           Virtual Real Estate Platform

Step 1: Mobile Capturing  Step 2: Mapping Process Step 3: Mapping Application

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