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Mapping & surveying & Asset Inventory Solution

Online Navigation Solution

Click to see the full size is released in 2006, one year earlier than google street view. It covers 41 cities of China with 1 million UV per day. It combines panoramic street view and 2D map. By clicking and dragging you could view the whole 360° FOV and walk around the neighborhood. And hotspots could be added and indexed by users


Urban Planning Solution

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Urban, city and town planning integrates land use planning and transportation planning to improve the built, economic and social environments of communities. With City8 system, it’s easier to collect and restore all the data in a visible way.


Asset Inventory Management

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Many public assets need to be inventoried and maintained.City8 provides a perfectly platform including panoramic images, position, management, status to make information closer to you.


Boundary Mapping Solution

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City8 providing high accuracy of GPS with measurable panoramic images to complete the mapping of boundary in a high efficiency.


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