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Panorama Software - Panoweaver 5.00 Right Click Stitching

1. Publish Flash panorama
2. Create HDR image
3. Right click stitching
4. Support Camera Raw

Advantages of right click stitching

Panoweaver 5.00 supports right click stitching. You don't have to open Panoweaver, just select fisheye image in Windows System Resource Manager (or via My Computer), and right click to select Stitch, Panoweaver will stitch and publish images automatically. With right click stitching, you can

  • Save time and labour: you even don't have to open the software for a good stitching
  • Stitch panorama in a very cool and creative way: just select images, right click and a beautiful panorama is done

Steps of Right Click Stitching

1. Set the type, size, output destination and other parameters of fisheye image at Tools > Advanced Settings > Right Click Stitching.

2. Select fisheye images in the Windows System Resource Manager (or via My Computer), right click to select Stitch with Panoweaver or Batch Stitch with Panoweaver:

3. You may view quantity, type, publishing format, output destination and other parameters in the pop-up dialog box. You may name the panoramas in the File Name blank. If you publish two or more images, Panoweaver will add numbers as suffix to avoid “same name” error:

4. Click OK button, a window will pop up to show stitching process. If images are stitched and published successfully, result is Successful; if Panoweaver failed to stitch or publish, result is Failed. Click buttons listed below Information, a dialog box will appear to show relative prompt:


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