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VRTourMaker Guide Function

Guide function is used to set virtual tour to automatically play. User can add key points in one scene or different scenes, and connect all the key points to realize automatic playback in virtual tours.

First, please enter Guide interface.

Second, Click the "Add keypoint" in the scene to start the initial point. Continue to click the "Add keypoint" will produce the second, third points and so on. Drag your mouse to adjust the position of the points.

There will be a guide points list on the right-side. The default interval between points is 5 seconds. User can change the time from the points list. If user need to delete some points, just click the delete button to remove them. All the key points from all the scene will be listed on the Guide Points List, which will be convenient for user's management.
Third, click the "preview button" on the top-right corner to preview your guide. Note that you can make some settings for the Guide according to your project. Click the setting icon on the right to open the Guide setting panel.
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