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VRTourMaker Hotspot Indicator Line

The indicator line is a new feature in the virtual tour, used to mark the attributes of the object, such as the indicator line used to mark the name, width, height, etc. Especially in the bird's-eye panoramic view, the indicator line can clearly mark the detailed information of a place or a building.

The effect of indicator line in virtual tours.

The specific operation of indicate line in VRTourMaker software

First, add hotspots in the hotspot editing interface as showing. All the hotspots have indicator line features, we take Text Hotspots as an example.

Second, add a Text Hotspot and select “show indicator line” on the edit tab on the right. User can adjust the indicator line by dragging the two ends of the line.

User can choose display picture and text or only display text from the “Display Mode”.

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