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VRTourMaker Scene Grouping

In the VRTourMaker software, users can classify panoramic scenes into different groups for better management.

For example, if a building has three floors, there are many panoramas on each floor. Creating a virtual tour can be difficult because there are too many panoramas. The Scene Grouping function is to divide the panorama into different groups. The first layer is Group1, and the second layer is Group2.

This will be more convenient for you when creating a virtual tour. And customers can also view the virtual tour by groups, which is very clear and comfortable.

We will show how to use Scene Group function in VRTourMaker software.

First step, right-click the button on the right and choose the “Add New Group” to create a group.

Second step, please put your mouse on another panorama, click and drag it to the group you just created. Can add more panoramas to one group.
Last, please view the Scene Group effect in virtual tours.
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