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VRTourMaker Sisterhood Function

The sisterhood function is used to compare and display multiple panorama pictures of the same scene in different states. Such as, the day and night of one panorama, the four seasons of one scene. It will make the virtual tours more vivid.

The first step is to use the CTRL or SHIFT key in the scene list to select the panoramas, and right-click the mouse to select "Establish Sisterhood" to set multiple panoramas as one sisterhood. A group of sisters will have a link icon in the upper right corner.

The second step is to double-click the sister image to enter the editing interface. In the Properties interface, you can find the drop-down menu of the scenes for switching the different panoramas. Click to switch to the corresponding scene.
User can change the name of the switching button and the scene name by clicking the edit button on the right.
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