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VRTourMaker View Limitation

The viewing limitation function refers to limiting the viewing angle when the scene is opened in the horizontal and vertical directions, and showing the best view of the scene.

First, in the Properties-Initial Viewing tab, the rectangle in the middle is the exact center of the initial viewing angle.

User can adjust the vertical angel and horizontal angle limitation from [- 90,90] slider interval and circumferential dial on the right.

The [-90,90] slider interval on the right corresponds to the 180° interval in the vertical direction of the scene. The circumferential dial corresponds to the scene [0,360] interval, with the red equilateral triangle and the green arrow mark the position of the scene's horizontal angle of view. The default is 0 (360).

The second step is to use the mouse to adjust the fan-shaped area formed by the corner of the red triangle and the green arrow. This area is the initial viewing angle of the restricted scene.
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