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Main Features

Digital Humannew
Add a virtual digital human to introduce the scene and replace a region in the scene with a video.    How to use?
Custom Icon
Replace the hotspot icon with the icon style you want.
View VR Tours Locally
Use a simple server program to call the PC's default browser to open VR tour.    How to use?
Guide Function
Connect multiple key points to realize automatic playback in virtual tours.    How to use?
Hotspot Indicator Line
For all hotspots, an indicator line can be drawn to assist in marking scene information.    How to use?
Sisterhood Function
Add several panoramas into one scene and showing different states of the scene in virtual tours.    How to use?
Polygon Hotspot
Support drawing translucent polygonal areas as the scope of the hotspot. Diversified hotspot styles to meet the needs of different user.    How to use?
Panoramic Video
Supports adding panoramic videos with an aspect ratio of 2:1 and a maximum resolution of 4K in the panorama scene.    How to use?
Picture-paste Function
User can select specific areas of the scene and paste pictures to achieve the effect of changing the detailed layout of the scene. Make the scene more vivid.    How to use?
Street View Hotspot
Support to add Google Maps Street View sharing link to the virtual tour Radar can be added to planform and Google.    How to use?
Radar can be added to planform and Google map. Radar can indicate and show the location of the scene on map and the position of the scene currently being played.
PDF Hotspot
Support add PDF documents on local or online websites hotspots to display in virtual tours.    How to use?
Sliding Door Hotspot
Simulate door and window switches with multi-frame images. Aachieve commercial advertising effects by adding still images.    How to use?
GPS Automatic Positioning Function
Automatically match the map location for the panorama with GPS information. You can know the longitude and latitude of scene as soon as it is imported into the program.
Initial View Setting
Select a view angle in the panorama scene as the initial view, that is the first sight when the virtual tour display.
View Limitation
Limit the viewing angle of the scene in the horizontal and vertical directions to show the best side of the scene to the user.    How to use?
Add Scenes
Support for adding more (more than one thousand) scene maps to meet most project demand.
Link Google Map
Using the gyroscope effect in VRTourMaker, you can make virtual tour automatically rotate when you move your hands or turn around (Only supported in mobile device HTML5 tour).
Associated Planform
It is supported to add a planform map, and enter the scene through the hotspot on the map.
Add Scene Introduction
Scrolling display shows the scene and supports multiple text segments. You can also add a sound commentary for a single scene.
Scene Grouping
Large projects can group scenes according to different grouping requirements, which is easy to find and provide a good user experience.    How to use?
Switch Scene
Support static and dynamic hotspots, and supports setting the initial perspective of the target scene.
Album Hotspot
Add and show one or more pictures as a popupwindow.
Text Hotspot
Introduce items or parts of the scene through text.
Video Hotspot
Video hotspots support online and local videos, and online videos support Youtube videos and iframe-embedded videos.
Model Hotspot
Add one group of images to acheieve the effect of 360 degree rotation.    How to use?
Custom Hotspot
Show data or text as a new webpage or a popupwindow.
Webpage Hotspot
Display the content of the webpage in a pop-up window or a new page.    How to use?
Logic Confirmation
Logically confirm the added scene sequence, hotspots, materials, etc. to ensure that the output of the project is consistent.
Custom Navigation Icon
Set navigation icons and interface styles for different devices such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets to meet more personalized needs.
Set Background Music
In the release settings, you can specify an mp3 file as background music for the whole tour to improve the fun of virtual tour.
Project Management
Support three basic operations of project management: new project, open project, save project.
Little Planet Effect
Achieving littleplanet effect when loading or switching any scene.
Publish to Ep-sky
You can synchronize the virtual tour to EP-sky while publishing local virtual tour for user enjoy.
Local Publish
VRTourMaker supports user to publish the VR tours locally, so that you can upload to your own sever to ensure your data safty.
Free Online Platform
For users who don't have a sever, we provide an open platform - EP-Sky, you can freely upload your VR tours. Your Facebook and Google accounts are supported.
VR Tour Maker
VRTourMaker is a professional VR tour creating software. The data can be viewed on all devices. VR mode is compatible on smart phone.Learn more
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