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Mainline work flow

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Highlighted features

Digital Humannew
Add a virtual digital human to introduce the scene and replace a region in the scene with a video.

How to use?
Hotspot Icon Customization
Connect multiple key points to realize automatic playback in virtual tours.

How to use?
Guide Function
Connect multiple key points to realize automatic playback in virtual tours.

How to use?
Hotspot Indicator Line
For all hotspots, an indicator line can be drawn to assist in marking scene information.

How to use?
Sisterhood Function
Add several panoramas into one scene and showing different states of the scene in virtual tours.

How to use?
Area Selection Hotspot
Support drawing translucent polygonal areas as the scope of the hotspot. Diversified hotspot styles to meet the needs of different user.

How to use?
Panoramic Video
Supports adding panoramic videos with an aspect ratio of 2:1 and a maximum resolution of 4K in the panorama scene.

How to use?
Picture-paste Function
User can select specific areas of the scene and paste pictures to achieve the effect of changing the detailed layout of the scene. Make the scene more vivid.

How to use?
Street View Hotspot
Support to add Google Maps Street View sharing link to the virtual tour.

How to use?
Radar can be added to planform and Google map. Radar can indicate and show the location of the scene on map and the position of the scene currently being played
PDF Hotspot
Support add PDF documents on local or online websites hotspots to display in virtual tours.

How to use?
Sliding Door Hotspot
Simulate door and window switches with multi-frame images. Aachieve commercial advertising effects by adding still images.

How to use?
GPS Automatic Positioning Function
Automatically match the map location for the panorama with GPS information. You can know the longitude and latitude of scene as soon as it is imported into the program
Initial View Setting
Select a view angle in the panorama scene as the initial view, that is the first sight when the virtual tour display
View Limitation
Limit the viewing angle of the scene in the horizontal and vertical directions to show the best side of the scene to the user.

How to use?
Album Hotspot
Add and show one or more pictures as a popupwindow
Model Hotspot
Add one group of images to acheieve the effect of 360 degree rotation
Custom Hotspot
Show data or text as a new webpage or a popupwindow
Video Hotspot
Display video in a pop-up window, supporting local video, Youtube and 3rd party website
Icon Style Customization
Hotspot icons support customization.Customize the style of the navigation icon button and the user interface layout of the navigation icon
Support for Google map and planform,and automatic Matching Map Function with Exif Information Map
Little Planet Effect
Achieving littleplanet effect when loading or switching any scene
Publish to Ep-sky
Publish VR tours in local and EP-Sky

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