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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 4.00 Edition Comparison

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In order to cater for different user groups, Tourweaver 4.00 is designed to develop two editions involving Professional edition and Standard Edition. The two editions possess almost the same functions, which are both powerful and professional tools to create wonderful virtual tours. Below is the comparison chart on the two editions.

Tourweaver 4.00 Edition Comparison

Key Features




List Panel

Scene types: 360 panoramas, partial panoramas and still images

Scene: Play Loop


Only one map

Multiple maps

Window: Add PopupWindow

Tour Components

Hotspot and radar for map and scene; movie controller, button, image, thumbnail, combobox, listbox for virtual tour skin

Set anchors to Button, MovieController, Listbox, Combobox, Image, Textarea, Thumbnail and Text by (X,Y) coordinates

Zoomable hotspots in scale with FOV

TextArea: displays dynamic hint for tour hotspot, button and radar

Thumbnail: set background color and style

Radar: set scan area color

Image: set opacity values

Tour Components (Thumbnail, Listbox, Combobox) Sources




Loading Window

Preloading Image customization

Easypano loading image

Customized (*.swf can be used)

Progressbar Style options


Standard, Custom(*.swf can be used)

Main Window

Customized Viewer Skin

Percentage can be set to Main Window so that the size of tour window can display at specific percentage of the browser window.

Scene Viewer

Width/height can be set as specifc percentage of the main window width/height

Anchor the Scene Viewer with (X,Y) coordinates.

ProgressBar Style

None, Standard

Standard, Custom(*.swf can be used)

Distinguish visited and unvisited hotspot

Preloading Image


Add tour components in PopupWindow

Map Viewer

Set transparent for Bg Color

Set anchors of Map Viewer by X/Y coordinates

Hide Mapviewer Initially

Distinguish Visited/Unvisited Hotspot/Radar


More than one action for a single tour component

Only one action

Open Popup Window

Show/hide Popup Window

Close Popup Window


Set Email address

Set Email subject

Set Email body


Edit slideshow, including adding, deleting frames and altering frame properties

Publish Settings

Full screen of scene viewer and map viewer

Set quality percentage of scenes displaying in normal screen mode and jpg quality

Slice loading of scenes, with gray and blur modes

Indicate load progress of the first scene in the progress bar of the loading window

Encrypt Image with Copyright Protection

Output Files Organization of sharing some common files of two different tours.

Only single Mode


Link to Easypano website


Transition effects, duration and speed of scene

JPEG Quality

Progressbar of Loading Window


Select multiple components of the same type to change properties

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