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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver Mac Starter Features Comparison

Most features of Tourweaver Starter for Mac is the same with Tourweaver 6.50 Professional for Windows. However, some components or features are not supported in Tourweaver Starter. View the differences in the following table.

means this feature/property or component is supported

N/A means this feature/property or component is not available


Besides the feature/property or component listed in this table, other features and components are almost the same. As there are too many features, we only list the main differences.

You can view a sample tour created with Tourweaver Mac Starter to see what it can do.

Key Features

Tourweaver Mac Starter

Tourweaver 6.5 Professional

Publish Settings

HTML virtual tour New!

Flash VR virtual tour

Standalone *swf virtual tour

Full screen of MainWindow


Full screen of SceneViewer and MapViewer

Encrypt Image with Copyright Protection

List Panel

Scene types: 360 spherical / cylindrical / cubic panoramas and still images

Scene types: one shot photos, partial panoramas, single fisheye


Google Map & Floor Plan New!

Window: Add PopupWindow

Tour Components

Support video component

Support flash component

Hotspot and radar for map and scene;  button, image, TextArea

Set anchors to components by (X,Y) coordinates

Combobox, Listbox, Text, Movie Controller


Use image/flash animation as hints

Thumbnail: support Flash thumbnails


Loading Window

Preloading Image customization

Customized progressbar

Main Window

Customized Viewer Skin

Scene Viewer

Customized ProgressBar

Distinguish visited and unvisited hotspot


Add tour components in PopupWindow


Add action to components


Add movie path



Output virtual tours to videos



Store image resources in Library Panel


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