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Easypano Tourweaver Mac Starter August 01, 2011

Builder: 2.00.110801

Added features:
[+]Support Safari 5.1

[+]Support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Bug fixed:
[-]The problem of "installers can not change installation path " is solved.
[-]The problem of "installers have no administrator rights for installation directory " is solved

Easypano Tourweaver Mac Starter March 08, 2011

Builder: 2.00.110308

Added features:
[+]Support Google Map
[+]Support multiple language interface
[+]Support HTML5 format virtual tour export

Bug fixed:
[-]The problem of showing no more than 8 scenes in thumbnail is solved.
[-]The problem of "a window with green background flashes by when entering/exiting full screen" is solved

Easypano Tourweaver Mac Starter  Jun 28th, 2010

Builder: 100628

Added feature:
[+]Support anchoring components
[+]Support alignment for components
[+]Support equidistance alignment for components
[+]Thumbnail component can be displayed under full screen
[+]New skins are added

Bug fixed:
[-]When add show\hide hotspot action to Toggle button, the action does not work.
[-]Hint for second status of Toggle button does not show correctly
[-]When MapViewer is hided initially, the map can not be dragged.
[-]Transition effect for map does not work
[-]When TextArea component is deleted, hint for relative component does not show up
[-]When playing standalone swf virtual tour, image source for TextArea does not show up
[-]Finish image for video does not show up, if the virtual tour is published as standalone swf format
[-]Component hints do not show up if the virtual tour is published as standalone swf format

[*]Autoplay for scenes
[*]Virtual tour player is improved

Easypano Tourweaver Mac Starter  Jun 17th, 2010

Builder: 100617

Added feature:
[+]Support virtual tour skins

Bug fixed:
[-]Panels are not fully extended
[-]Scene sources for thumbnail component can not be unselected

Easypano Tourweaver Mac Starter  Jun 7th, 2010

Builder: 100607

Bug fixed:
[-]Preview does not work if the output destination is not a trusted location by Adobe Flash Player
[-]Publish Settings panel is updated. Output destination should be a location trusted by Adobe Flash Player.

[*]Help document is updated
[*]Sample tour project is updated

Easypano Tourweaver Mac Starter  Jun 3rd, 2010

Builder: 100603

This is the first beta version.

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