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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver Publish APP

Tourweaver support the function of publishing virtual tour APP for both iOS and Android devices.It's supported by the free software APP Maker.

Step 1: Tick "APP" in publish settings panel.

If you don't have APP Maker in your computer, it will prompt to download. Click "OK"

Step 2: Set information of APP

After APP Maker is installed, select the APP panel.If you are publishing an Android APP, tick "Android" and enter APP name and ID. The APP ID is only composed of English letters and numbers. If you want to update the APP in the store, please use the same ID as the original one's.

If you need an iOS APP. You need the Certificate and Profiles. Click to enroll iOS Developer Program of Apple:

Step 3: Publish


If you check both iOS and Android at the same time, two APPs (one for iOS and one for Android) will be generated simultaneously.

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