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About City8

As the first Street View project in the world, Easypano started City8 project in 2005 and published in 2006, 1 year earlier than Google Street View. With our state-of-art technology, we developed the patented capturing car equipped with special camera system, which could easily and efficiently collecting 360° street-level images. Now we have the Street View of over 30 Chinese cities, featuring 360° street-level imaging with GIS map.

City8 street view demo

Click the image above to view the City8 Street View Demo: The Bund, Shanghai
And see our City8 Street View Video Introduction at Youtube.

What we provide

With our energetic developing team, we are able to provide any solutions of 360 degree street-level imaging, including imaging capturing, post processing, programming, customization, etc. Now we also provide the capturing camera system. The technology can be used for:

  • GIS industry
  • Real estate industry
  • Virtual city exhibition
  • Tourism and culture exhibition
  • Security and emergency response
  • ....

City8 solution for different industry

Why City8 is better : Google vs City8

City8 gives extremely high resolution images with seamless 360 field of view, much better than Google street view in image quality. Please refer to the table below.




Maximum Resolution



Image Quality

Sharpness/ Brightness/ Contrast


Google street view image with bad quality


City8 image with good quality

Stitching Seam

Google street view image with stitching seam

Contact us

City8 technology can be applied in different industries to provide business solutions, if you are interested in the solution or have industry clients available, please don't hesitate to contact us at .

Contact for City8 street view solution

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