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What is activation?

Activation is several anonymous, secure, and hassle free steps that authenticates licensed users during the installation process in order to begin using the application. The process verifies that the serial number is legitimate, and has not been activated on more systems than allowed by the Easypano End-User License Agreement (EULA). It does not affect the ability of licensed users to use their software the way they have always done.

What is the difference between trial version and activated version?

The trial version is watermarked with Easypano logo. It is designed for users to have a full feature test before purchase, no grace period. Once you buy the product and activate it, it will become an activated version which removes the watermark restriction immediately.

Shall I activate the product within certain grace period?

No. You can activate the trial version any time you like with the purchased serial number.

What happens during product activation?

When a customer installs Easypano software and initiates an activation request, the program will generate an Activation ID according to network card ID of the specific computer. Then Activation ID and Serial Number are uploaded to Easypano Activation Server for authentication. After successfully being authenticated, the product will be fully activated. In this way, Easypano can ensure that each genuine copy is not activated more than the permitted number of times. Activation does not hinder licensed users' ability to use the software the way they always have.

Which product requires activation?

Panoweaver 4.00 and Tourweaver 1.30 require activation. Others need not.

If I don't have a serial number to activate my software, how can I get a serial number?

You can buy a serial number to activate your software from Easypano online store.

Why can't I activate Easypano product offline?

Offline Activation requires network interface card installed.
Please make sure the computer in which you install Easypano product and create Activation Request File, meets the following requirements.
1. Network interface card is installed.
2. TCP/IP protocal is installed.
3. Network interface card is not disabled.

What is network interface card?

A Network Interface Card (NIC) is a computer circuit board that is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a network. Most NICs are designed for a particular type of network, protocol, and media. Personal computers and workstations on a local area network (LAN) typically contain a network interface card specifically designed for the LAN transmission technology, such as Ethernet or token ring.

What is the ARF?
The abbr. of Activation Request File used for offline activation. When you proceed with the offline activation, a file named epactivationrequest.par will be created after entering the SN. That is the ARF. ARF includes the following information:

-Activation ID

-Serial Number

-Product Name

-Product Version
-Operating System: OS name, version, and language

What is the ALF?

The abbr. of Activation License File used for offline activation. When you proceed with the offline activation and submit ARF in Easypano website, you will receive a file named epactivationlicense.pal. This is the ALF. ALF includes Activation Verify Code for you to fully activate the product.

What if my hard drive crashes and I can't find my serial number?

You are able to retrieve lost serial number by signing in Easypano User Panel. Alternatively, you can email us at Please include your name, email address and order number in your email. We will be happy to help you.

I bought the Windows version of Panoweaver 4.00. I would like to use them on a Mac as well. Can I download the Mac trial version and use my Windows registration key?

Yes. The win key can be used for Mac version. However you need to first transfer license in the Windows computer and then reactivate in Mac computer for full use.

Do I need to be online to use Easypano software that includes activation?

Activation is a one time process. Once you have activated, you do not need to be online to use your software. If you wish to transfer a license, or repair your activation, you must be connected to the Internet or call our product activation center which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will I be required to reactivate Easypano Product if I perform regular backups or

system upgrades?

No. You need not reactivate it after backup and system upgrades.

Will I be required to reactivate Easypano Product if I restore my system?

As long as you restore the original system with Easypano Product installed and activated, you won't need to reactivate.

Will I be required to reactivate Easypano Product if I reformat hard drive?

Yes. You need to reactive Easypano Product after reformatting. Reactivation is as quick, easy, and anonymous as the initial activation.

What if I have more than one computer? Can I activate and use the software on multiple machines?

For Single User License, NO. According to current Easypano End-User License Agreements, single user license only allows you to use the software on one computer. Concurrent use and activation on more than one computer is restricted and won't come through.

For Volume License, YES. You can activate and use the software on the allowed numbers of computers according to the licenses quantities you purchased.

I am conecting the Internet via proxy. But when I activate Panoweaver, it says network error. What should I do?

The latest Panoweaver Builder 4.00.050427 can solve the problem through panoweaver.config file. Please do as follows.
1. Open the root folder where you install Panoweaver 4.00
2. New a file named panoweaver.config
3. Open panoweaver.config with Notepad and write the following codes in it:
useProxy = 1
proxyHost = The proxy host you used
proxyPort = The port for your proxy
4. Save the file and exit
5. Relaunch Panoweaver 4.00 and activate online. It should work successfully this time.
Note: This solution only applies for HTTP proxy, Socket4, Socket5 not included.

P.S. Sample panoweaver.config content:
useProxy = 1
proxyHost =
proxyPort = 8080



Transfer License

I need to use software on my desktop when in the office, and on the laptop when out of the office. What should I do?

In that case you can transfer license to achieve the goal. The trial versions are allowed to install on multiple computers and can be activated on one of them. Once you need to switch to another computer for use, please perform Transfer License on the current one and reactivate in the other computer.

What if my hardware crashed and how can I activate the software in another computer?

In this case, please directly contact and include your serial number in the email. Easypano support will help you deactivate the product in crashed computer so that you can reactivate in another one.

What happens if I get a new computer and want to install Easypano software on the new computer?

You can transfer license from the old computer to the new one. Simply click Help>Transfer License. It'll be done in a min. More at transfer license.

I don't have access to the computer on which I originally activated Easypano products . Can I still transfer my activation to a new computer?

I am sorry not. In this case, please directly contact and include your serial number in the email. Easypano support will help you deactivate the product in crashed computer so that you can reactivate in another one.

I've already transferred my Easypano software to a new computer. Can I go back to using the software on the computer from which I transferred it?

Yes. In order to do this, you will need to transfer license from the new computer back to the original computer. When you activate the software on the original computer, it will run without any problems.

Should I uninstall Easypano product after transferring license?

It is not necessary to uninstall Easypano product after transferring license. Transferring license renders the copy of Easypano product installed on the computer trial mode, unless it is activated again. If you anticipate using Easypano product on this computer in the future, you can do so by activating it again.


Register Online

Is product activation the same as register online?

They are two separate procedures. Product activation is a mandatory anonymous process that verifies your product serial number and license. In contrast, register online is a voluntary process that entitles you to product updates , special offers, retrieve key and some other service from Easypano.

What information is required for product activation?

The activation process requires you to type in the product serial number only. No personally identifiable information is required.

What information is required to register online?

Register online is a voluntary process, and only requires that you to provide your name, e-mail address, and product serial number.

Who should register online?

Only those who did not purchase from Easypano Online Store, but from Easypano reseller or other channels, need to register online. If you directly buy the product in Easypano Online Store, you will become an Easypano registered user automatically and enjoy the many services.


Product Activation and Privacy

How does Easypano ensure customer privacy?

The product activation is designed according to our privacy policy to ensure that your privacy is always preserved. The process is completely anonymous. No personal information is ever collected or requested. During activation, the product does not scan your hard drives or collect any data other than the minimum information required to verify your license. There is no way to identify individual computers or users based on the data transmitted during activation.

What information is collected and transmitted in the product activation process?

We collect the minimum information required to successfully verify the product license for each product installation, which includes: the product serial number, name, version, and language; the operating system name, version, and language; and your hardware ID including network card ID. This information is combined, encrypted, and then sent to Easypano for verification. None of the collected information can be used to identify you or your individual hardware components in any way.

Does the activation process ever send data to Easypano after I activate my product?

No. Activation is a secure and anonymous one-time process. After activation is complete, the license manager runs alongside the product for the sole purpose of verifying the integrity of the license file and the validity of the product license. The activation technology in the product never contacts Easypano except with your express knowledge and consent.

How does Easypano keep this information secure?

We use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to transmit data to product activation servers that are both physically secure and have limited employee access.



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