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APP Maker

APP Maker is a free APP packing tool to convert your panorama & virtual tour into local applications for iOS and Android devices. Just import an HTML5 tour web link or local files and create APPs which are available to be opened and viewed everywhere without Wi-Fi, even if the tour is not published by Easypano Software. With APP maker, you can always play your virtual tour smoothly and in high-quality. Why not show your 360 tour in APP store right now!
Step 1: Choose APP platform and click "Next".
Note: If you check both iOS and Android at the same time, two APPs (one for IOS and one for Android) will be generated simultaneously.
Step 2: Enter Application Name and ID. The APP ID is only composed of English letters and numbers. If you want to update the APP in the store, please use the same ID as the original one's.
Step 3: Import the local HTML5 tour files or a web link. When packing local tour, select the file folder and the .html file will be recognized automatically. If failed, please select it manually. Alternatively, you can import a HTML5 tour web link.
Step 4: Select an output folder and click "Package" to start packing the tour. It may take several minutes to finish this process, depending on the tour size.
Easypano APP Maker is universal software for creating iOS and Android APPs. Individuals shall not use any unauthorized work for commercial use. The copyrights of tour resources belong to their original authors who reserve all rights to take legal actions against any copyright infringement.