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Panoweaver 4.00 update is available

  • Because of our incomplet consideration about different computer configurations,  sometimes there are problems with Panoweaver 4.00 activation. We are really sorry for the trouble it has caused you. Now the update version is available, the activation problem is fixed in the version. Please download Panoweaver 4.00 update at:
    We strongly recommend all Panoweaver 4.00 users download and install the update version.
  • What's new in Panoweaver 4.00 update:
    [    Legend:      ]
    [ + Added feature        ]
    [ * Improved/changed feature   ]
    [ - Removed/fixed feature    ]
    [-]Activation via modem dial-up failed after relauching Panoweaver
    [-]Activation via DSL failed
    [-]Activation failed after relauching Panoweaver when multiple network interface card installed
    [+]Activation failure via proxy can be resolved by creating panoweaver.config file
  • Note: In order to successfully activate Panoweaver 4.00, you need a network interface card or modem installed on your computer. If your computer os does not meet this requirement, you will fail to activate the program.
    Offline Activation also requires network interface card installed.
    Please make sure the computer in which you install Panoweaver 4.00 and create Activate Request File, meet the following requirements.
    1. Network interface card is installed.
    2. TCP/IP protocal is installed.
    3. Network interface card is not disabled.