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Flash Virtual tour software - Tourweaver 3.00 Beta is ready!

Tourweaver 3.00 Beta is released today! Besides all the competitive superiorities in 2.00, this edition carries the following new features which make it unmatched in the industry:

  • Stable Flash viewer for both spherical and cylindrical panoramas
  • Supports swf format for popup image and preloading image
  • Displays map at the top right corner in full screen
  • Full screen toolbar customizable
  • Zoom in/zoom out effect to Popup image window added

View Gallery and get the full-featured beta right now! Your are so welcome to test the program and help us to make it better.


Main testing points:

  • The play of supported images: spherical, cylindrical, cubic, flat, oneshot, etc.
  • The settings of Pan, Tilt and FOV.
  • The settings and interactive operation as well as the location of hotspot and radar.
  • The quality of flash viewer
  • If scene image is distorted during radar scanning.
  • Full screen feature, scene switch and map display under full screen.
  • The use of all kinds of actions, especially for popup image, link to URL and Execute script.
  • Test sound to see if it works correctly.
  • Operation under Vista system.
  • Test tours under linux/Unix.
  • Run tours through internet on different operation systems with different browsers.
  • Run program under different languages(scene name, map name, installation directory and output directory)

Known issues:

  • The flash output doesn't work when the height/width of flat image&map exceed 2880 pixels.
  • The 'close' button doesn't work when running tour in Safari.
  • The bmp format is not supported as preloading image.
  • Flash tour breaks down when running in Firefox under linux system.
  • High system capability is needed when gif format is used as preloading image with high FPS.
  • The program doesn't work if there are some special symbols in the installation directory.
  • Tour can't play properly if there is special symbol in the relative directory.
  • Take longer time to preview and publish flash tour.
  • A black hole appears when adjusting FOV of spherical panorama.
  • The processing bar for tour publishing doesn't show correctly.
  • The program breaks down sometimes when running on Vista.
  • Scene image is in JPE format so the image size is out of control.
  • The quality and speed of tour viewer need to be improved.

In case you find any problem in the beta version, please go to Help>Bug Report/Feature Request to submit them. You can also directly submit bugs. Your advice and help will be greatly appreciated.