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Flash virtual tour software - Tourweaver 3.00 official version is released!

After nearly one month of beta test, we're proud to declare that Tourweaver 3.00 official version is released today!

As flash virtual tour software, Tourweaver 3.00 provides the following updates compared with version 2.00:

  • Stable Flash viewer for both spherical and cylindrical panoramas
  • Supports swf format for popup image and preloading image
  • Displays map at the top right corner in full screen
  • Full screen toolbar customizable
  • Zoom in/zoom out effect to Popup image window added

There are two editions for Tourweaver 3.00: Professional and Standard. See edition comparison!



See more details or get the full-featured trial right now!


Important Note: Studio 2007 is renewed! Now it integrates Panoweaver 5.00 and Tourweaver 3.00 Professional into on installer. See introduction page