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Flash Virtual Tour Software Tourweaver 3.00 is updated.

Tourweaver 3.00 is updated. Abundant New Features has been added in the latest builder (Download):

[+] Add a new action: show/hide mapviewer to control the mapviewer in the normal display of a tour.
[+] Support partial cylindrical panorama in flash output
[+] Support the transparency settings of components (like Button, Hotspot, Radar, Listbox, Combobox, Thumbnail, TextArea, MapViewer) (Only for flash)
[+] Add three transition effects: CIRCLES、SPIN、SLIDE (Only for flash)
[+] Fonts and sizes of thumbnails are editable
[+] It is optional whether to display percentage loaded.
[+] Support images with .png format (Only for flash)

Fixed bugs:

[-]The other radars do no reaction when the scanning area of the current radar is all over the map, therefore the current radar should be put at the lowest level (for flash).
[-]The response area of hotspot with text is not correct (the action added to a hotspot only with text is hard to trigger) (for flash).
[-]Hints of hotspots display unstably.
[-]Long URL link doesn't work when applying the action "Link URL" (for flash).
[-]There is viewing issue when a tour runs under IE7 and MS JVM.

Improved features:

[*]The three states of the mouse images display in actual size (for flash)
[*]Flash displaying quality improved (for flash)