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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 4.00 beta is released!

Tourweaver 4.00 beta- The latest cutting edge virtual tour solution from Easypano, enabling creation of professional interactive virtual tours with rich Flash features!

View Virtual Tour DEMO.

Great new features in this Beta version:

  • Popup Window is supported. See Info/Map/Menu button in DEMO.
  • Customization of progress bar of Scene Viewer is supported: none, standard, customize (swf bar is supported).
  • Textarea can show hints of components like button/hotspot/radar.
  • Multiple actions for one tour component.
  • In Map Viewer and Scene Viewer, visited hotspot/radar can be distinguished from unvisited ones.
  • Size of Main Window, Scene Viewer can appear as specified percentage and settings can be made to anchor some components at a specified position.
  • Two transition effects (Fly, Expand/Collapse) are added to Open Popup Window and Show/hide Popup Window action.
  • Hotspots can be zoomed in scale with FOV.
  • Two groups of images with different sizes can be set to display in normal and full screen mode separately.

Full list of new features and bug fixes.

Known bugs in the Beta version:

  • Certain resources lost after publishing
  • For cubic images, if slice display is selected, a 0.5 pixel gap appears between cubic image's ceiling and floor.
  • The program can not refresh
  • Sometimes the program crashed, might be caused by popup window
  • For scene larger than 8100 in width or height, if slice display is not selected, the scene will display black screen.

Main testing points of Beta version:

  • The performance of all types of scenes.
  • The location of hotspots, especially in cubic and cylindrical panorama.
  • The anchor position of various components
  • Opacity of various components, initial hiding.
  • Properties of hotspot and radar.
  • The properties of Popup Window like opening location and transition effects.
  • Add components in Popupwindow, like thumbnail,map and textarea.
  • Set slice display, scene encryption, quality persentage of scenes in normal scene viewer.

You are welcome to download the beta version and give us your feedback. Please submit your questions and suggestions to Easypano Help Desk.