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Easypano now resells Kaidan Spherical Camera Bracket and QuickPan Rotator.

We now resell camera bracket and rotator from Kaidan!

spherical camera bracket with quickpan rotator

We call it "Kaidan Rotator Set", which contains the following three parts:

  • Spherical Camera Bracket with Universal Camera Mount
  • QuickPan Rotator (this is required in order to use the Spherical Camera Bracket)
  • Precision Bubble Level with Hub Mount (the bubble level provide a precise and stable indication that the tripod head is properly leveled)

This Spherical Camera Bracket plus the QuickPan Rotator can be used with Panoweaver to stitch fisheye images, including up/down "cap" shots. It's a necessary piece of hardware during the panorama shooting.

Kaidan Price: $349.95
Special Price from Easypano: $300/€225 Check Online Store.

Hardware & Software bundle is also updated.

If you need both hardware (lens and rotator) and software, choose Virtual Tour Outfit, which now includes:

  • Studio 2008
  • Sigma 8mm lens (Nikon F Mount)
  • Kaidan Rotator Set

Check Online Store


About Kaidan company

Kaidan is a privately held company located in Feasterville, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. The company was founded in 1986 as a technology consulting firm specializing in engineering, systems integration and computer-aided design solutions. Kaidan has been an Apple Developer since 1986.

Today, Kaidan specializes in digital imaging technology, engineering and manufacturing products for digital cameras and photographic VR technologies. The company is one of the area's fastest growing high tech firms. Kaidan was recently awarded funding from the State of Pennsylvania for the development of new product initiatives.